My name is Nick Jones and Arachnid Studios is my Wellington (NZ) based contract coding company.

My main area of interest is agile backend development on the JVM. I am a strong believer in the benefits of Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration. The primary domain I develop code for is the Australasian Energy Industry.

I enjoy game programming in Unreal Engine in my spare time.

work history (nick jones)

2020 - Now:Red Energy
  • Mobile Application Backend.
    • Azure, Spring Boot, Redhat AMQ, Firebase, SUMO, Grafana.
2017 - 2020:Transpower
  • Market System - Monolith to Micro Service Conversion.
    • Oracle, Spring Boot, Infinispan, Elasticsearch, OpenShift.
  • Centralised Logging and Monitoring System.
    • Elasticsearch, Logstash, Filebeat, Grafana, Redhat.
  • ESB Development
    • JBoss Fuse, Oracle, ActiveMQ.
2009 - 2017:Red Energy
  • JEE Energy Reconciliation and Reporting Application.
    • Oracle, Spring, Groovy, Hibernate, GWT.
  • JEE XML data store.
    • Oracle XML, Spring, IBatis, Tapestry.
  • JEE Commercial and Industrial Billing Application.
    • Oracle, Spring, Groovy, JPA, GWT.
2008 - 2009:Signature Technologies (London)
  • Scalable, external facing Casino Gaming engine.
    • Gigaspaces, ActiveMQ, Spring, SpringMVC, Velocity, JQuery, Grails, MySQL.
2007 - 2008:Pioneer Investments (Dublin)
  • JEE Quant Developer Risk Budgeting Application.
    • MSSQL, JBoss, Hibernate, JSP/JSF/Seam Front End.
  • JEE Unit/Integration Test Suite for existing Quant Applications.
    • DBUnit, TestNG, EJB3Unit, Junit, Jmockit.
  • Ant based production release tool.
2005 - 2007:Red Energy
  • JEE Energy Reconciliation and Reporting Application.
    • Oracle, Spring, Hibernate, Tapestry.
  • JEE XML data store.
    • Oracle XML, Spring, IBatis, Tapestry
  • JEE Integration.
    • Servicemix ESB, Doc lit wrapped WSDL definition for internal Web Services.
2002 - 2005:Contact Energy
  • (2004) Contact Energy Database Support.
    • Unidata, Queries and Operational Support.
  • (2002 - 2003) Business Analyst.
    • Analyst on Energy Metering application defining Use Cases and requirements.
    • Onsite installation and implementation of application across NZ.


  • Java
  • SQL (Oracle, Postgres, MSSQL)
  • Groovy
  • Clojure
  • Intellij IDEA
  • Aqua Data Studio
  • Subversion, Git, Ansible
  • Gigaspaces
  • JBoss
  • Tomcat
  • ActiveMQ
  • Grafana, ElasticSearch
  • Google Cloud Platform, Azure
  • Team City, BitBucket, JIRA
  • Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC
  • Hibernate, MyBatis, JDBC, Groovy SQL
  • Ant, Maven, Gradle, Leiningen
  • GWT, Tapestry, ClojureScript
  • JUnit, Fitnesse, Concordion, Mockito, Easymock, DBunit, Ejb3Unit, JMockit
Operating Systems
  • Linux (Mint, Suse, Redhat)
  • Openshift
  • Windows
  • OSX